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Aish Kodesh - 9 (Vayeshev)

In this exceptionally stirring shiur the Aish Kodesh asks why Hashem won't allow the tzaddikim to have serenity in this world. The Rebbe distinguishes between those who are silent because they choose not to speak and those who are mute because they have loss all capacity to process their trauma and give language to their pain. Still, even in this state, the mute person can gesture and communicate somewhat. Deeper still is the person whose pain is so exceptional that they cannot communicate their pain on any level. Their muteness is absolute. The Tzaddik who finds himself in such a state finds a way to cry out to Hashem and raise others up with him. The Tzaddik cannot be serene in such a state. He cannot accept his own pain and live a muted life. As he rises up he brings others with him. The Aish Kodesh had suffered heavy losses in his own life and in this shiur we gain insight into how to Aish Kodesh overcame his own pain and raised others with him.

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