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Toldos: To Thine Own Self Be True

In contrast to Avraham and Yaakov we are told very little about Yitzchak Avinu. Even in the stories in which Yitzchak does play a role, he always seems to be passive. He is the object of the akeida and he is deceived when dispensing the berachos to his sons. Only in one chapter of the Torah does Yitzchak play the lead role in the story. In a fascinating tale, Yitzchak seeks to continue the avodah of his father by digging wells among the Pelishtim in Gerar.

In this shiur, Rav Burg teaches how Yitzchak was only successful when he learned to balance his desire to stay loyal to the heritage of his father with his own personal avodah. God doesn't create doubles and only through serving him with authenticity will we make our mark.



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