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Shemini - Jealousy, Resentment, Story Telling and Fear

In this shiur, delivered in Tomer Devorah, Rav Burg explains the inner connection between the inauguration of the Mishkan, the Cheit HaEigel and the selling of Yosef down to Mitzrayim. The fear of losing their relationship with their father caused the Shevatim to tell themselves to tell a story about Yosef that led to their own resentment. This resentment led to the jealousy that ultimately resulted in Yosef's sale. This story was passed down for generations and ultimately led to the Cheit HaEigel. In order to inaugurate the Mishkan, Klal Yisrael needed to get to the root of their disunity and rectify the sale of Yosef.

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