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Sefiras HaOmer/Shavuos - Moving From Matzah to Chametz - Developing Healthy Relationships

In this shiur Rav Burg explains why on Pesach we begin our journey with only Matzah and yet as soon as Pesach is over we return to Chametz. If Chametz is so bad why do we ever allow Chametz to be eaten? Furthermore, on Shavuos, not only do we allow for Chametz, we celebrate Chametz with the bringing of the shtei halechem. Rav Burg explains that Pesach, Sefiras Haomer and Shavuos represent the development of a healthy relationship with Hashem. Accordingly Chametz is asur at the beginning and celebrated at the end. (Fundamental insights into the nature of building our personal relationships are expressed as well.)



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