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Practical Parenting - Self Esteem (Part 3 Final)

In our fifth shiur Rav Burg discusses: 1. Creating healthy dependency in the home. 2. How to elevate a child's self esteem. Tactics include: Praise, Understanding, Role Modeling, Respect, Privacy and much much more.

At the end of the shiur you ought to be able to answer the following questions clearly and concisely: 

1. Why do children hold on to their parent's as lifeline's of support?

2. How do we discipline in a fashion that retains the connection between the parent and child but also stops the negative behavior?

3. How can we know what is really bothering our children?

4. What is the difference between praise and flattery? What is the negative impact of flattery?

5. What is the value of giving children a private space?

6. What is the danger in comparing children to their siblings?

7. What is the value in allowing children to make their own decisions (when appropriate)?

8. How can we show a child that we respect their individuality?

9. What is the value in understanding our children when they don't behave as we would want them to?

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