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Practical Parenting - Self Esteem (Part 2)

In our fourth shiur Rav Burg discusses: 1. The various paradigms of children with low self esteem. Thus far we have discussed children who anticipate losing and must avoid it all costs as well as children who feel that nobody can understand them. 2. Parenting the value of the process as opposed to the results. 3. How empathy helps children develop an identity.

At the end of the shiur you ought to be able to answer the following questions clearly and concisely: 

  1. If a child anticipates losing, what is driving that belief?

  2. What are some parenting strategies you can employ in order for your child to value the process and not only the result?

  3. Explain how empathy from a parent helps the child develop a strong identity.

  4. What are some of the strategies we can employ to let our child know that we understand them?

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