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Practical Parenting - Self Esteem (Part 1)

In our third shiur Rav Burg discusses: 1. The definition of self esteem. 2. The potential pitfalls of using a moral code to self evaluate. 3. Raising children to strive for completion as opposed to perfection. 4. Signs of low self esteem. At the end of the shiur you ought to be able to answer the following questions clearly and concisely:  1. What is the definition of self esteem (define the word self and the word esteem)? 2. What is the system we, as Jewish parents, ought to use to appraise the self? 3. How do we make sure that we are setting appropriate standards? 4. Define shame. 5. How much guilt should we raise our children to have? 6. Define the difference between striving for completion vs. perfection. 7. What are some strategies we can use to teach our children about Teshuva? 8. List some of the signs of low self esteem.

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