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Practical Parenting - Let's Begin

In our second shiur Rav Burg discusses: 1. What can we control when parenting children. 2. Understanding what a child actually is. 3. The role that empathy plays in the development of the child and in the parent child relationship. 4. Some core responsibilities of a parent.

At the end of the shiur you ought to be able to answer the following questions clearly and concisely: 1. Can we control a child? 2. What's the most important thing to understand about the parent child relationship? 3. What is empathy? 4. Explain how empathy is critical in developing parenting strategies. 5. How can we know when to protect a child from harsh reality and when to inoculate them? 6. What's the danger in overprotective parenting? What's the danger in exposure to harsh reality when the child is not yet ready? 7. What does it mean for a child to be socially appropriate? 8. What's the danger if a child loses trust?

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