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Practical Parenting - Introduction

In this first shiur Rav Burg discusses: 1. What are our goals as Jewish parents? Why is important for us to have clearly defined goals. 2. The difference between "having" a child, "raising" a child and "training" a child. 3. The potential pitfalls of goal oriented parenting and how to avoid the traps.

At the end of the shiur you ought to be able to answer the following questions clearly and concisely.

  1. What is the goal of raising Jewish children?

  2. What’s the value in clearly understanding the goal?

  3. Describe the two aspects of raising Jewish children (worldview and skill building)

  4. Explain the difference between training a child and raising a child

  5. Explain how connection creates challenges in raising children

  6. Explain how self awareness can be developed and ensures that we will raise healthy children

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