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Parshas Vayeitzei - Though I Am Sleeping I Am Wide Awake

In this week's Parsha Yaakov Avinu fell asleep at the Makom Hamikdash and dreamt of Malachim going up and down a ladder. Chazal tell us that Hashem had to protect Yaakov from these Malachim who wanted to kill him. The Ksav Sofer explains that they wanted to kill Yaakov because he fell asleep at such a holy place. The Gemara tells us that Hashem made the sun set early so that Yaakov Avinu would go to sleep. If that's the case then why would the Malachim want to kill him? He was simply doing what Hashem wanted!?! And is sleeping in the Makom Hamikdash worthy of the death penalty??? In this shiur, delivered in California, Rav Burg explains how we are meant to build a dwelling place for Hashem in our world. We are meant to confront the notion of death and introduce Hashem even into the lowest of our physical realities. For those who feel like they have died a little bit, that they're Judaism has become sleepy so to speak, this shiur is for you!

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