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Parshas Vaeschanan - Gazing Longingly Towards Eretz Yisrael

This shiur has been generously sponsored by Racheli Burg (Rav Burg's 13 year old daughter) in the zechus that Adina bas Michoel find her zivug bikarov mamash and in the zechus that her bein hazmanim trip with her cousins should work out.

For only 18 dollars you can sponsor a shiur, a Q&A, a Dvar Torah or an event. Your small contributions go a long way towards helping us continue to do the great work we are doing at Nitzotzos. To sponsor please email us at

Moshe Rabbeinu was not allowed to enter into Eretz Yisrael but he was allowed to look upon the Land. Why is this significant? Why does it matter to us today if Moshe Rabbeinu was allowed to see Eretz Yisrael but was not allowed to enter? In this shiur, Rav bUrg teaches us the value of seeing Eretz Yisrael and longing for the geula.

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