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Parshas Shemini - The Great Debate Between Fins and Scales

For thousands of years Jews have been persecuted where ever they went. As strangers in a strange land we have never been fully accepted into our host country for extended periods of time. How do we cope with this challenge? Some say that we need to close off from the society around us and live in our own ghettos. Others say we need to leave our Judaism behind and assimilate into the culture around us. If we remain in the ghetto and  don't share God's message with the world around us, what are we here for? On the other hand if we assimilate we certainly won't be capable of sharing God's message. What is a Jew to do? The Torah is replete with beautiful messages hidden in plain sight. Based on a lesson from the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rav Burg uses the kashrus simanim of a fish to offer an approach as to how a Jew ought to navigate the modern world in which we live.   

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