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Parshas Matos - Passionate Judaism

Three times in the Torah לה is spelled without a mapik hey (a dot in the middle of the hey). The final passuk in this week's Parsha is one of those times. Rashi, quoting Rav Moshe HaDarshan explains that without the mapik hey the word can also be read לא. In this context it would indicate that while Novach did conquer Knas and name it after himself, ultimately the name of the city did not last. The question is, why is this an important idea for the Torah to convey? What is the eternal message being communicated to us? In this shiur (delivered on NCSY KOLLEL during Mishmar) Rav Burg explores why Torah is compared to fire, the importance of serving Hashem with love, how we can develop true passion for Torah and why only through passion is our Yidishkeit sustained.

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