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Making Davening Meaningful

In zchus for a refuah shlaimah for Rochel Bina Bat Yehudis Yetta, Mazal Bat Amalia Maly, Avraham Ben Chana, Aharon Halevi Ben Basya Kaylah, Tzvi Chaim ben Malka, Yisrael Yaakov Ben Yehudis Chaya Goldah, Leora Rachel Bas Chaya Raizel and Chaya Fruma bas Perel Miriam Malka btoch shaar cholei yisrael

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Question: I’m finding it very difficult recently to sit through davening. Davening has become more of a routine to me, and minyan is something I “check off” from my many things to do in a day. How do i inject more meaning into davening? 

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