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Faith and Pain

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Question #1 - How do emotions work if you’ve built up emunah? If everything in the end is going to be okay, and you believe that everything Hashem does is for the good, how do emotions come into play? Are you supposed to suppress emotions? Will working on this definition of emunah lead to getting rid of negative emotions? Is that healthy? Or do emotions come into play in a different way?

Question #2 - Does the whole concept of Aveilut represent a certain lack of Emunah in Hashem? Doesn't everything that happen really happen for the best? So why do we mourn? If the answer is that it does not represent a lack of faith (which I assume is the case based on the amount of halachot and maamarei chazal that deal with aveilut), why does it not represent a lack of Emunah?

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