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Connected - Q&A with Rav Yisrael Kaminetsky and Rav Mordechai Burg

The following is the list of questions for the Rabbonim: 1. Why do we daven for things like the coronavirus to go away, HaShem knows best? /Why is there a point to davening without any Kavana at all? Shouldn’t people focus more on quality and less of quantity? 

2. Thoughts on “neo chassidus” and neo chassidim 

3. cellphones and smartphones, what’s better for a religious Jew? 

4. I grew up learning that As Jews we are brothers and sisters and so connected ‘etc’. But Nowadays there seems to be several ‘sects’ of Judaism like ultra orthodox, modern orthodox, mizrachi, ‘etc’ And they seem to colide a little in terms of hashgafot How should one go about understanding this? cause after all we all try to do what is right and serve Hashem the way we are taught by our rabbis and teachers? 

5. How can one stay sane during these challenging times and maintain Emunah in Hashem? 

6. Is it better for a mother to work and come back to her kids after she’s made money to support the family financially or be a stay at home mother and make sure the Kedusha is always there in the family at all times?

7. From Rebbi’s life experiences, what is the greatest piece of advice Rebbi can give to someone?

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