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Chayei Sarah - The Three Lives of Sarah Imeinu

In this shiur, delivered in Tomer Devorah, Rav Burg explores the three names of Sarah Imeinu, how each one of the names relates to a different Mitzvah. miracle and a particular Avodah of relating to the reality of the world.

Important note from Rav Burg: "In the beginning of the shiur I asked a question about how the return of the miracles consoled Yitzchak but neglected to answer the question. I apologize. The answer is that because Sarah Imeinu was able to discover Godliness on all three levels (disavowal, refinement and sublimation) her impact on this world transcended her death. Until Rivka came onto the scene, her impact was not felt and this was what Yitzchak was grieving. He could not understand how his mothers Avodah was somehow discontinued. When Rivka married Yitzchak she took on the countenance of Sarah Imeinu and in a certain sense, she became her. The miracles were once again brought back into reality and this is how Yitzchak was consoled. Through Rivka he understood how his mothers impact continued to be a part of this world."

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