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Building a Bayis Neeman B'Yisrael Q&A - Where is the Line?

This weeks question - Before I got married I would listen to shiurim online and hear Rabbeim tell their talmidim that if their wife wants something then that's it! He should do it for shalom bayis! While I appreciate the strong emphasis that is being placed on shalom bayis, I was wondering what my role is as "the wife". When do I tell my husband he needs to go to a different minyan? He can't go to seder? I once heard a Rav say that he had a long beard and it was a big part of his avodas Hashem and his wife didn't like it so he cut it. I don't want to abuse my power as "the wife" but I just don't know where the line is and what my mindset should be towards it all. Thank you

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