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Building a Bayis Neeman B'Yisrael Q&A - Speaking Lashon Hora to Our Spouses

For only 18 dollars you can sponsor a shiur, a Q&A, a Dvar Torah or an event. Your small contributions go a long way towards helping us continue to do the great work we are doing at Nitzotzos. To sponsor please email us at

Question: My husband and I are trying to be careful not to speak lashon hara. However, sometimes a negative experience we have with someone causes one of us to have emotions that we want to share and process with each other. We don’t want to cast that person in a negative light or cause each other to hear lashon hara, but we also don’t want to hold back important emotions. Where do we draw the line?  

Question - Where's the balance between using your husband as a sounding board and for support when you need to vent and not breeching the line of lashon Hara? I always leave out names when I can but I just feel like sometimes I need to vent and my husband doesn't engage back because it's lashon Hara

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