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Building a Bayis Neeman B'Yisrael Q&A - It's Not a Fair Fight

This Q&A is sponsored anonymously in the zechus for simcha bracha and clarity for Malka Gittel Aviva. For only 18 dollars you can sponsor a shiur, a Q&A, a Dvar Torah or an event. Your small contributions go a long way towards helping us continue to do the great work we are doing at Nitzotzos. To sponsor please email us at 

Question: In a recent post you mentioned that in arguments and communication, it is important to acknowledge your spouse's perspective as a "valid experience." This is (as you said) not a novel idea, and it's how I try to manage every single conversation I have with my spouse. However, how do you handle conversations when your spouse doesn't acknowledge that your feelings/perspective/experience is equally valid? In other words, when you're trying to "fight fair" (so to speak), what do you do when your spouse doesn't communicate with that same level of respect and sensitivity?



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