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Aish Kodesh - 4 (Shabbos Shuva)

In this shiur the Aish Kodesh presents a daring exploration of how Hashem fulfills the entire Torah, including the mitzvah of teshuva. How can Hashem do teshuva if he can't sin? How can Hashem regret something if He is perfect? The Aish Kodesh explains that Hashem regrets, so to speak, the pain that he has caused Klal Yisrael. Full Teshuva is not only limited to causing Klal Yisrael no more tzaros but a full restoration to our destiny. Furthermore, the Aish Kodesh explains that we are obligated to do teshuva in the same fashion. It is not enough to stop sinning, we must become growth oriented people. In so doing the movement down below creates an awakening from above and will bring salvation to Klal Yisrael.



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