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A Modern Day Dayeinu for Yom Haatzmaut - authored by Rav Meir Arnold

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Last night, at the Mevaseret Yom Haatzmaut Seuda, we were privileged to hear beautiful words of inspiration from Rav Meir Arnold. He spoke about being able to appreciate Israel and express gratitude to Hashem for the incredible gift we have been given despite the fact that as religious Jews we are sometimes conflicted by the state of the government. Rav Arnold pointed out that at a bris we engage the imperfect child with the proclamation - this little one will one day grow large. Israel is still in its infancy and with our support and involvement it will, with God's help, become a place that truly sanctifies God's name. But that does not mean that we should not be grateful for all that we have been given in the meantime! What follows is Rav Arnold's composition of a "modern day dayeinu" to pay tribute to Hashem for the wonderful blessing of Israel that has been bestowed upon us.

Dayeinu is often misunderstood as, “would have been fine”.  In truth it means we are appreciative of each step along the way.  "Dayeinu" means there is sufficient cause for our need to say "Thank You!"

In this way, maybe we can better appreciate our need to say "Thank You, Hashem" today on Yom Ha'Atzmaut, by composing a modern day dayeinu for ourselves. …

1) Had we just been granted the ability to see the Land from afar, as Moshe Rabbeinu had; but we were unable to set foot here - Dayeinu

2) Had we been given the ability to come visit, but we were not to allowed to stay - Dayeinu

3) Had we been granted the ability to settle here as a nation but we still remained under foreign and even under horrific conditions including pogroms - Dayeinu

4) Had Hashem let us become the only nation in history EVER to return to its ancestral homeland, and granted us even temporary freedom and control over our Holy Land for the first time in approximately 2000 years - Dayeinu

5) Had we won the War of Independence; but were NOT able to build a sustainable country - Dayeinu

6) Had we built a sustainable country; even without the fulfillment of so many promises we find in the Neviim - Dayeinu

7) Had we seen the wasteland, swamps and deserts blossom, and the economy thrive, as foretold in pesukim; but other Jews would still be stranded in the Diaspora - Dayeinu

8) Had there been Kibbutz Galuyos from almost 100 countries; only to lose it all in 1967 - Dayeinu

9) Had we survived the Six Day War; but did not gain more secure borders - Dayeinu

10) Had we gained more secure borders and many holy areas rich in our Tanach history; but not the Old City of Yerushalayim - Dayeinu

11) Had we been returned to the Kotel and Holy Yerushalayim; but the non-religious government refused to support the rebirth of Yeshivas and Torah throughout the Land - Dayeinu

12) Had the government, now become the largest financial supporter of Kollels and Yeshivas in the world, with perhaps the most EVER people learning Torah in Jewish history; but the Jews of Galus did not come to Israel to learn for a year or more - Dayeinu

13) Had Israel just supported Torah but we were not able to settle here with such ease and be mekayeim mitzvas yishuv haAretz - Dayeinu

14) Had I gone from being a spectator living in a non-Jewish country to a player on the main stage of Jewish History;  but never merited to hear the laughter of my children playing here, a fulfillment of the nevua in Zecharia (8:5) – " יְלָדִים וִילָדוֹת מְשַׂחֲקִים בִּרְחֹבֹתֶיהָ." - Dayeinu

15) Had I merited to enjoy raising my family in the most conducive environment; but I did not feel closer to Hashem here than in Chutz LaAretz.

על אחת כמה וכמה טובה מכופלת למקום עלינו...

That beyond this entire list of brachos, Hashem also gave me, personally, a hug and a kiss and not only do I and my family thrive and love it here, but I have the opportunity to learn Torah with the precious talmidim of Mevaseret! - Dayeinu

Thank you Hashem!

May Hashem be as kind in bringing us all to the final goal of joyfully witnessing the final geulah with the coming of Mashiach, במהרה בימינו אמן!

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