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What is Nitzotzos?

Nitzotzos was founded on one very simple principal: Our spiritual growth does not stop when we leave Israel. We all have that spark inside us but it is our job to constantly nurture that spark into a brightly burning flame.


We have founded Nitzotzos to create a community of driven, curious, and excited Ovdei Hashem that will serve as a support system for each other and create a network of learning and growth.

Over the years we have been inspired by the teachings of Rav Mordechai Burg, Menahel of Yeshivat Shaarei Mevaseret Tzion. Rav Burg's vast torah knowledge, inspiring hashkafa, keen insight into human emotions, behaviors and relationships have enriched our lives and relationships with Hashem. The Nitzotzos community has Rav Burg as a Mashpia and  will provide a follow-up support system from our year in Israel in order to continue our growth. Rav Burg will be available to us for Shiurim, Shabbatonim, weekly Q&A sessions and more. 

Just as Nitzotzos began as a small spark, we are committed to continued growth of our community and look forward to bringing more services and events to enhance our spiritual growth! We can't wait for you to join us!

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