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Parshas Vayera - Grounded in the Chaos of Life

And Avraham arose early in the morning to the place where he had stood before Hashem’ (Bereshis 19:27). From this passuk we learn that Avraham Avinu instituted Shacharis and that one ought to have a makom kavua, a set place, for davening. The Gemara in Brachos teacehs that one who has a makom kavua is an anav, a chasid and a talmid of Avraham Avinu. They have a greater level of siyata dishmaya in their teffilos. What is the significance of a makom kavua? In this shiur, Rav Burg explains how through Teffillah in a mkom kavua we stay grounded in a chaotic world.

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