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Parshas Terumah - Holy Foolishness: Achieving the Impossible

Yaakov Avinu took with him the Atzei Shitim from Eretz Canaan to Mitzrayim in order the Klal Yisrael should have the wood in order to build the Mishkan and the Aron. Why did he not just instruct them to take the Atzei Shitim from Mitzrayim? Or better yet, just take them from the Midbar and not have to carry them throughout the desert?

In this shiur Rav Burg explores the part of us that is foolish. On the one hand we can fall into the foolishness of sin and on the other hand we can be so foolish as to believe in and achieve the impossible. A Jew must take the Atzei Shitim, tress of folly, from Eretz Yisrael so that they may have hope in Mitzrayim and build a dwelling place for Hashem down below.

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