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Parshas Shemos - Unworthy of Redemption?

Picture the scene. A young woman who is struggling with Judaism is sitting at your Pesach Seder. As you get to the four sons you realize that she is about to hear how we speak to a Rasha. Blunt his teeth, you read from the Haggada. Tell him that if he were in Mitzrayim he would not have been redeemed. You're uncomfortable as you read these words. How can we speak this way to another Jew? Won't that push them farther away from God? Is harsh mussar the message a Rasha needs to hear? As you glance over at this young woman you see the pained look on her face and next year you resolve not to have her at the Seder.

In this shiur, Rav Burg shares an insight from the Lubavitcher Rebbe zt"l on the inner meaning of this portion of the Haggada giving us a new perspective on worthiness and redemption.

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