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Inaugural Nitzotzos Shabbaton!!!

Baruch Hashem our inaugural Nitzotzos Shabbaton (over fifty girls in attendance!) is now in the books. We heard from Rav Burg Friday night on the topic of Lot and how while he was misguided he had noble intentions to be mekarev Sodom to the idea of monotheism. After Rav Burg left there was beautiful zemiros being sung until after 12am. Shabbos afternoon we had a two hour question and answer with Rav Burg on topics ranging from personal growth to dating and how we can keep our spark alive. Shalosh Seudos was once again incredible with Rav Burg speaking on the topic of Lot's wife and the tragic mistake of living in the past. We finished off Shabbos with heartfelt zemiros, a short derasha from Rav Burg on our Nitzotzos responsibilities and opportunities, followed by havdala. Thank you to all of the incredible women who joined us on our first ever Shabbaton!

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