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Chayei Sarah - A Nose Ring and Two Bracelets - Codependent No More

1. The story of Eliezer finding a shidduch for Yitzchak comprises 67 pesukim in the Torah! Normally the Torah is concise but here Hashem sees fit to tell us the story in great detail. Why? 2. Eliezer gives Rivka a golden nose ring worth half a shekel and two bracelets each worth ten gold shekel. Rashi teaches that the nose ring is an allusion to the half a shekel that would one day be donated to the Mishkan and the bracelets are an allusion to the aseres hadibros. What does this have to do with marriage? Why does Eliezer see fit to bring these concepts to mind now? 3. The half shekel was a tikkun for the cheit haegel. Hashem showed Moshe a half shekel on fire because he could not understand how half a shekel could bring an atonement for such a terrible aveira. How does the fiery coin answer Moshe's question. In this shiur Rav Burg explains how these two gifts teach Rivka about having a healthy, non codependent relationship. Like the half shekel she is missing her other half but like the bracelets she is already whole. Being one half of a whole allows us to apologize and to forgive our spouse. Being whole means we allow our spouse to share their lives with us and we in turn share our lives with them.

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