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Building a Bayis Neeman B'Yisrael Q&A - When Marital Issues Impact the Children

This Q&A has been sponsored in zchus of Keren Eliora Bas Sarah Michal who is in surgery right now. It should go so smoothly and she should have a refuah shlaimah bkarov mamesh. (Note: Baruch Hashem we are pleased to be able to update that the surgery went well!!!)

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Question: My parents fight a fair amount and unfortunately didn’t try to hide it from me and my sisters - not then and not now - and even as we’re older, it’s still tough to watch. We all vowed we’d never be like that, never let our own kids one day feel stressed if there were Gd forbid any marital issues. But how do you do that? Because arguments (hopefully small ones, but still) are bound to come up. How can you guarantee your kids will always feel like they are in a loving home even when things get a little tough?

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