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Building a Bayis Neeman B'Yisrael Q&A - I Need My Husband's Help!

This week is anonymously sponsored in zchus of shalom bayis for Yisroel Yosef Ben Leora and Ayelet Rochel bas Fayge Miriam and in zchus for a shidduch for Fayge Miriam bas Sarah Rivka and Chaim Avraham Ben Mindel Chaya

For only 18 dollars you can sponsor a shiur, a Q&A, a Dvar Torah or an event. Your small contributions go a long way towards helping us continue to do the great work we are doing at Nitzotzos. To sponsor please email us at

Question: How do I get my husband to help more with chores around the house? I don’t want to nag him but I think he underestimates how hard I work - we both have full time jobs, except when we come home, I take the main brunt of the cooking and cleaning, and could really use more of his help.

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