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Aish Kodesh 11 (Vayechi and Vaeira)

In this shiur Rav Burg gave over two pieces from the Aish Kodesh. Vayechi - In this piece the Aish Kodesh teaches us how Yaakov Avinu being "blocked off" from revealing the end of days to his children was actually a sign of the redemption itself. When the damage of Golus reaches cosmic levels Hashem will surely bring the Geula. Vaeira - In this piece the Aish Kodesh teaches us the difference between chein, chesed and rachamim. Chein and Chesed have nothing to do with being judged. We find grace in Hashem's eyes not because we are worthy or unworthy but simply because. Similarly, Hashem does Chesed for us because he is the ultimate Baal Chesed, not because we are deserving. When it comes to Rachamim, mercy, we are in a state of judgement and Hashem finds something within us that we can be deserving of His mercy. Moshe Rabbeinu is commanded to treat Klal Yisrael gently because Pharaoh was working Klal Yisrael to death. In such a state they needed chein and chesed, not rachamim.



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